Holistic Life Coaching

Committing to a Coaching Program is a big deal and you need to be proud of yourself for making that decision! This step means you're ready to dig a little deeper and discover areas of your life that just

aren't working AND it means you're willing to put in the work to make the changes you need to improve your life. Congratulations!

For years my practice was made up of hands-on work with my clients, but I felt they walked away not completely understanding the deeper issues that were released at a subconscious level so I added coaching to offer that ongoing support.

Initially, we do an overview of all areas of your life to find a starting point. Through this discovery process, issues will naturally reveal themselves and together we will find resolution. Maybe your life has these large variances that take over the running of your day, your emotions running super high and then falling to almost depressed levels. We'll work towards finding balance. Maybe your brain just won't stop the stories and you need help with that. Maybe there's physical discomfort or struggle with boundaries in your relationships?

This is holistic life coaching so we work at connecting the physical plane to some of the more energetic aspects you may not be aware of. You will learn tools to cope with whatever is affecting your life. Perhaps you're an empath? You will learn what emotions are yours and what emotions you've picked up from other people, as well as what to do about that.

We will work at bringing those high highs and low lows into a more manageable level, like more of a rolling hill. Maybe you feel nothing at all. Life has gotten so busy you've been working off a to-do list to survive. Whatever you feel you're struggling with, big or small, Holistic Life Coaching can help.

We will do a variety of visualizations and guided meditations. I will bring some of my intuitive capabilities and shamanic practices into the process to help you. We will enter that subconscious level in your being which holds all sorts of stories that trigger us into our behavior. We will release stuff at that level and because it's an energetic release it disappears as soon as we acknowledge what it is and where it came from. These deeper releases do not happen every session; some sessions we'll be talking and figuring things out to make life better at more of a conscious level. I have the gift of great insight and see things very differently than many others do.

You may be a person whose life is pretty peaceful and prosperous and going well, but perhaps you want more? Together we can help do that, too. Through this type of coaching, we look at all areas of your life. We build that circle that makes up your life so it's balanced in all areas. Then we build it outwards so you can manifest more and more in your daily life. That is part of the coaching as well-setting goals and deciding what you want for your future and helping you get there.

When we get into situations that stop us from building your future, we'll go back to some of this other work, and break through some of the issues or problems you might be having. We may need to break down and release old conditioning or connect to the subconscious level where you really get to unravel your truth and recognize your full potential. Releasing issues and old patterns helps unblock old heavy energies that no longer serve you. Afterwards, you will feel lighter and more alive!

I want you to reclaim your self-worth and make empowering choices for your life. I want you to get to that place where you can transition through your daily life with grace and ease. This translates to more time, energy, and passion for you, your family, business, and community. Along the way you will discover new goals to manifesting!

My Holistic Coaching Programs offer either a six or twelve-month commitment, each with two meetings per month. I also have an Intro to Coaching, where I offer two healing session along with four coaching session. Still not sure if this is for you? Contact me for your free 20 minute intro session, or 403-831-3864.