Moving from the Outside, In

By Tracy Makarenko

Moving from the Outside, In is the story of my healing pilgrimage and a quest to find life's answers as I moved from my 20s into my 30s and 40s. I share my struggles through childhood conditioning and unhealthy relationships and moves into a new awareness of self-understanding where my inner power was truly revealed. As I healed my body and mind, a spiritual awakening occurs which took me into the metaphysical world. At times this tale seems rather fantastical, including mystical creatures and unearthly voices. Can healing really be so complex? Yes, but also very rewarding! Experience the magic that has become my life. Learn about the secrets the body contains.

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I Am A Brilliant Woman

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"I Am A Brilliant Woman" is coauthored by 10 amazing women (myself included)! This project is the brainchild of Karen Klassen who's main purpose in life is to inspire women. The stories in this book are meant to inspire, everyone, to live a more vibrant life.

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