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Tracy Makarenko

When asked how I came to be a healer, my answer is quite simple: It has been an innate part of me since childhood. The deeper truth started to peek through in my late 20s, then, again, in my 30s when I started to ask questions like "Why am I here?" and "What is my purpose?" The answers came through self-healing, and an acceptance of my path in life naturally followed.

My self-healing was enhanced by my involvement in what is known as Breathwork or Rebirthing, as well as Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic Healing, and Reiki. As I worked through my own issues, I realized I was a healer and that my purpose in life was to help others heal themselves so they, too, could find the peace, tranquility, and wholeness I had found.

My career path drastically changed direction from accountant to healer within a year's time. My first step was to complete the Level I Breathwork Certification (Dan Brule). I was amazed to see what changes could take place just by using our breath, and was eager to learn more about the holistic healing process. I then found myself attending a Usui Reiki Level I and II workshop.

I felt at home and at once my life path became much more clear. I continued my training and became a Usui Reiki Master, but felt incomplete. I found the missing link when I took my Karuna® Reiki Master's. Since then I have supplemented my knowledge and training by earning my certification as a Reflexologist, received training in Reconnective Healing and I've taken a Body & Mind Analysis course (Hermann Muller).

In February 2006, I felt very drawn to take the CranioSacral curriculum, then added Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Brain Therapy, and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) to my practice. I have taken several different levels of Shamanic Medicine Healing. This has helped me link the physical world to the esoteric connections we all have. I am also a certified Medium and Angel Intuitive. In 2015 I become a Certified Holistic Life Coach (Dr. Eve Agee).

When I started hands-on healing back in 2003, the number of people familiar with Reiki or CranioSacral were few. That number has grown significantly over the last few years and many people have added a holistic treatment to their weekly, or monthly, healing regimen. Holistic healing is an integral part of comprehensive health care, and people who embrace these life-altering techniques find answers to a variety of biological and psychological issues, alleviate stress, and find an all-important balance in their lives. This is much more than a regime, it's a lifestyle.

My evolution has moved me in a new direction. I've been committed to my own healing process and because of that I am committed to yours. I have taken all the information I learned from my healing, as well as from my healing practice, and developed workshops that allow you to take control of your own healing results. If you're interested in more one-on-one support, I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach. Through my Holistic Life Coaching program, together we'll release old belief patterning and identify new goals by releasing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental components holding you back. If you're ready to commit to Coaching, I offer 6 and 12-month programs.

In 2003 I was guided to record my story and share it, long before it was complete! In 2013 I published my memoirs, Moving from the Outside, In. It is now available online at Chapters, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press. My second book, a collaborative project called I AM a Brilliant Woman, became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon October 2015!

I know my journey continues daily. I hope you will let me assist you on your journey of healing whether through coaching or at one of my many workshops.

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Intuitive Healing
Intuitive Healing
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Holistic Life Coaching
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Moving from the Outside, In
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